Veg Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Sprinkle on sandwich masala generously, then place 4 slices of potato. Cover with 1 chutney-covered bread slice facing downwards. Spread one other 1½ teaspoons green chutney on the reverse facet of this bread slice. Repeat for the second sandwich. Take one bread slice and spread butter, coconut coriander chutney and tomato sauce over it.

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Butter all of the slices of bread. Spread 1 to 2 tsp of mint chutney. Arrange three to 4 cucumber and carrot slices on it. Keep another bread slice on prime the cucumber and carrots. Arrange sliced onions and tomatoes. Add chopped green chillies, salt and pepper powder.

A little bit of ketchup on the facet makes this Tiffin Sandwich Recipe tastier. Team it up with orange juice or contemporary fruit juice as a nutritious comfort meals combination. Shred and grate cabbage, carrot and paneer . Finely chop the onions. Add them in a vessel together with grated mozzarella cheese. You can use another variety of cheese when you like.

Bombay Grilled Vegetable Sandwich Recipe | Mumbai Veg Sandwich Recipe

Serve sizzling cheesy veg sandwich and enjoy with green chutney or tomato sauce. To put together cheesy vegetable sandwich in a step-by-step process. The first step is to toast one aspect of bread slice. The second step is to stuff the veggies, cheese, pepper powder, red chilli flakes, cowl with other bread slice. The third step is to apply butter on each side and toast. Finally, serve hot sandwich.

Millet Vegetable Soup

To assemble the sandwich, apply green chutney on all 6 of the multigrain bread slices. All you need are slices of white bread, green chutney, vegetables of your alternative , and sandwich masala. Make positive the vegetables are contemporary and agency, and not soggy or mushy. Veg sandwich recipe in 5 minutes.

Indian Sandwiches

Cheese slice or grated cheese could be added to the highest of the cucumber. In Singapore, I used to have a sandwich maker however the one issue is the cleaning half. But because of some area constraints, I couldn’t deliver that to Hongkong. I am making all of the bread items on the Tawa solely. So made this Veg sandwich additionally on Tawa.

You can even add capsicum, beetroot or cauliflower to the filling. If you wouldn’t have mayonnaise out there at house you should use hung curd (curd with water eliminated by hanging it in a fabric for 3-4 hours) or even cream. Cooked in a brief time can additionally be given to kids because the veggies are grated and youngsters won’t be ready to determine the filling in a rush. So to suit our wants, we’ve modified it according to our style.

Do not leave out this mixture for too long after including the spices, in any other case the vegetables will begin to go away water. Can spread tomato sauce or green chutney while stuffing. Cover the bread with another slice of brown bread and place it on the skillet. Apply butter and prepare dinner it on medium-high heat until the sandwich is crispy on each the edges.

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